About Us

Samantha's Story

Hi! My name is Samantha. I'm a Primal Health Coach (since 2016), an ACE Certified Personal Trainer (since 2013), and a Kambo Practitioner (since 2020).

I've had the honor of mentoring one-on-one with the leading Kambo authority in Utah, with over 8 years experience and hundreds of clients, as well as in-depth field training in the Amazon. She is certified under Master Practitioner Karen Kenyon Drake, founder of the International Association of Kambo Practitioners. I highly recommend you visit her if you find yourself surrounded by the beautiful Utah mountains. Click here to visit her website. 

My wellness story began 6 years ago, shortly after the birth of my oldest son. I started to experience physical changes in my body that worried me. I felt the common discomfort you feel after giving birth, but what I wasn't comfortable with was the issues with my circulation (causing poor temperature regulation), the disconnect from my emotions (I would cry often, but I didn't know why), and the severe brain fog. The brain fog terrified me. At the time, I was working from home as a Customer Service Analyst for a diabetic supply distributor, and I would visit the office once a month to contribute in meetings. I would be presenting in front of a group of people, and would lose my train of thought, over, and over, and over again. I recognized it was not normal, and I needed to seek guidance. 

So I went to my local women's doctor for a checkup. She concluded that I had a sluggish thyroid, most likely hypothyroidism, and wrote me up a prescription. 

I am someone who believes that we should aid our body as much as we can in functioning on its own. It is my belief, that when you introduce medications that replace the function of, say, thyroid hormone production, it will stop producing it on its own. And I completely understand sometimes it is necessary. I've personally used thyroid medication when I felt it was needed at times.

Any-who, I had luckily been reading a book by Dr. Amy Myers, called The Autoimmune Solution. And she outlined symptoms of autoimmune conditions that sounded very similar to mine. So I found a wonderful doctor in Payson Utah. We discussed the symptoms I was experiencing, and ordered a full blood panel. 

The results came in, and we had a diagnosis. Hashimoto's Disease. It was hard to hear, but expected, based on what I had read. 

We developed a complete life-style overhaul, which included WAY more morning/evening sun (my vitamin D levels were so low, he called me a "cave dweller"), going on walks daily, introducing supplements, breathing deeply, grounding, and a complete re-tooling of my diet. 

I was on a search to find inspiration in this new way of eating. And this led me to The Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson. My body responded so well to this anti-inflammatory style of eating, that I became a Primal Health Coach. I've had an opportunity to use this knowledge to help family and friends, as well as teach this way of cooking on stage.  

A few years later, I stumbled onto Kambo, and felt SO called to sitting in a session. Have you ever had that? Where you feel drawn to something that you don't understand, and don't know why? That is how Kambo was/is for me.

I found Juls, of Peace Love Kambo, and sat in 3 sessions with her. It was exactly what I needed. It helped me get my power back. And it took 11 months for the timing to be right, but here I am. Ready to help others take back their power too. 

If you feel ready to follow your intuition, then I am here to hold space for you, and to help you clear the blocks that are in your way.

I look forward to connecting with you. 


Geoffrey's Story

Who am I?

My name is Geoff Stephenson. I grew up in Draper Utah. I am the youngest of 5 children. Raised by 2 incredible parents. I graduated from Alta High in 2004. I'm the father to 2 amazing boys with one baby on the way. Married to Samantha, the other founder of Apah Wellness. I'm passionate about all things personal development, detoxifying the body, exercise, diet and Kambo.

My Health Journey


I was unhealthy for the first 31 years of my life. I ate the typical high sugar, high carbs and unhealthy meat diet that most of us follow. My weight kept increasing and my joints and body were falling apart due to inflammation from my diet and my overall weight. In 2017 I started the keto diet and lost 50ish pounds in a year and have kept it off since. My joint pain went away and I could run without knee pain for the first time in years. The benefits from the keto diet launched me down the path of health and wellness.

My Kambo Journey


My wife Samantha began a year long apprenticeship with a Master Kambo Practitioner, Juls Broadhead, of Peace Love Kambo. The first part was self administering. The second part of the apprenticeship was to administer Kambo to someone. That someone was me. During this time the world was a mess. After my Kambo sessions with Samantha I would feel an overwhelming peace come over me, my brain fog went away and the stressors of the world disappeared. Later that year I started the same year long apprenticeship with Juls. I'm extremely grateful for Kambo and the lessons my journey has taught me. 

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to connecting with you.

- Geoff